Production and warehouse complex

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7600 kW
of electricity

45836 m2
total area

15 km
from Moscow

from 250 r/m2
per month


in the city of Dedovsk, Istra district, Moscow region, from the owner, without commission, everything necessary for the full functioning of production of any technological complexity and energy intensity. In addition to the production facilities in our complex, you can also rent warehouse and office space located in the immediate vicinity of the production.

The main building of the complex was built for a cotton manufactory in the early twentieth century.

The industrial origin of the building makes it convenient for industrial needs. The constant growth in demand for industrial real estate rental has caused the need to expand the production and warehouse complex. In 2015, a new modern production building was erected on the territory of the complex.

PSK-DEDOVSKY is one of the largest enterprises in the city of Dedovsk, We are constantly improving the range of services provided to tenants.

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Contact information:

Production and warehouse complex PSK-DEDOVSKY®.
143530, Moscow region, Istra district, Dedovsk, Gagarina str., 18A
Tel.: +7-903-772-66-00+7-903-662-55-00
Tel. / Fax: +7-495-994-38-28
Opening hours:
Monday-Friday from 9-00 to 18-00


Characteristics of the premises:

All tenants of industrial premises are provided with a guaranteed amount of electricity, for the smooth operation of almost any equipment. Two substations with a total capacity of more than 7000 kW, two autonomous high-voltage cables will ensure the stable operation of your production.

The entire complex is equipped with modern industrial fire alarm systems. All communications are connected. The rental price includes the provision of modern telephony, high-speed Internet.

The power supply of the complex makes it possible to equip premises for the placement of data centers (data processing centers). An uninterruptible power supply with a large power reserve allows you to use existing premises for mining.


Building No. 1:

  • The premises are located on 5 levels and have a free layout.
  • Total usable area: 21000 m2.
  • Area of one floor: more than 4100 m2.
  • Permissible load on internal floors: 2000 kg / m2.
  • Ceiling height: 5 m or more.
  • 4 cargo elevators inside the building with a load capacity of 5 tons.
  • 2 passenger elevators.
  • 3 car ramps for loading and unloading cargo.
  • Special entrance for bulky cargo.
  • Anti-dust reinforcing floor covering


New building:

  • Total building area: 15800 m2
  • Including :
    • - basement: 2700 m2
    • - 1st floor: 5400 m2
    • - 1st floor mezzanine: 1000 m2
    • - 2nd floor: 5600 m2
    • - 2nd floor mezzanine: 1000 m
  • 1st floor height: 8.05 m
  • 2nd floor height: 7.17 m
  • Load on the floor of the 1st floor: 5000 kg / m2.
  • Load on the floor of the 2nd floor: 2000 kg / m2.
  • Column spacing: 5.5 x 6.0
  • The floors are concrete, with an anti-dust coating.
  • Interstory floors – reinforced concrete structures.
  • 3 internal stairs and 4 external stairs.
  • Docklevellers are provided for loading and unloading operations.
  • 4 cargo elevators with a lifting capacity of 5 tons.
  • Exterior walls-sandwich panels, with mineral wool insulation, thickness. 150 mm.
  • The air heating system is combined with the supply ventilation system. The estimated indoor temperature is +18°C.
  • Air-heat curtains are installed in the chambers for unloading and loading products
  • A mechanical exhaust ventilation system is provided to remove excess heat from the office premises in the summer.


To find out the cost of renting the premises you are interested in for production, warehouse or office, you can call our specialists. We are waiting for you! Join the ranks of our tenants.


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